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Silicon Valley Home Buyers Guide

Here in Silicon Valley, the home buying process is fast-paced. As the local corporations and universities continue to grow and to bring people to the region, there is an increase in demand for homes. While much of the rest of the country has had slow real estate growth, especially in the luxury market, the Silicon Valley region has actually seen significant investment in properties. Many of the markets are very competitive, especially in communities that provide an easy commute to workplaces and shopping and are in high-performing school districts. With the dedicated real estate expertise of Geoff Hollands, buying a home in Silicon Valley can be the exciting life event that it is meant to be.

The Home Search

Homebuyers in this part of California are very motivated. In some highly sought after neighborhoods, there is limited inventory and it is not unusual for sellers to receive multiple bids and offers that are higher than the listed price. It is very important for potential homebuyers to be prepared long before they begin looking at MLS listings. The steps involved in this pre-search process should include making sure that all financials are up to date; credit reports have been reviewed and if necessary, action taken to correct any discrepancies; a mortgage lender has been chosen; and a pre-approval letter from the lender issued. The final step is making an offer once the perfect home is found, which will be made much easier with Geoff’s expert knowledge and negotiation skills.

Buying a Home in Silicon Valley

There are many different considerations to take into account in the home-buying process. There is a great deal of truth in the old adage, “location, location, location,” for one, Currently, prices for homes in the greater Silicon Valley region are on an upward trend. However, they can vary significantly from one community to another. One of the key factors that affect the price of homes is the reputation of the local school district. These communities are often highly desired by young families and home prices here may be higher.

The exciting part of home-buying is looking at what is available and finding the home that will be just right. Geoff can provide available information on neighborhoods, access to homes for open houses and tours, and supply advice on making an offer to the sellers. This final step is where it is beneficial to have Geoff’s knowledge of the local real estate market in determining the right offer.

Buying a home in Silicon Valley can be something of a whirlwind process, but with Geoff Holland’s twelve years of experience and the resources of Coldwell Banker, it can be a positive move. Connect with his team today to learn more.