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About Silicon Valley

There is tons to know about Silicon Valley is all about living and working in a high-tech haven. The nickname refers to the number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers who originally were centered in the region. The area that is referred to as Silicon Valley includes the Santa Clara Valley, the southern San Francisco Peninsula and parts of the East Bay region. Because it has the desert and mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, the temperatures here can vary differently in the course of a day, shifting from an arid climate to the more moderate temperatures of a seaside town.

Living in Silicon Valley

This thriving business community is the biggest high-tech manufacturing center in the United States and is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, not to mention thousands of tech startups. Google makes its home in Mountain View; Facebook has developed its campus in Menlo Park; Apple is located in Cupertino and Stanford University is in Palo Alto.

Attracting highly educated professionals from around the globe has given this area an international flare. Local coffee shops buzz with the chatter of different languages and shops, restaurants and services dot the landscape. While Silicon Valley is most often thought of as the center of the world’s high technology firms, it is also a great place to make a home and raise a family. With the number of engineers, scientists and business professionals in the region, there is a strong emphasis on quality schools, both public and private. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire United States.

Explore Silicon Valley Real Estate

The many wonderful regions that make up the residential areas of Silicon Valley have something to offer for every age group and type of buyer. Having developed mostly during the last century, there are not a significant number of historic properties in existence, but buyers can find homes with stunning views and privacy that are still close to everything. It is quite possible to find semi-rural homes tucked into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains as well as luxury living closer to city centers.

With the area’s strong jobs market, the demand for homes and condominiums is high. The housing market is growing fast, but has recently settled into more stability for the single-family home market, but prices have increased. The condo market has also been experiencing an upswing with more units of all sizes and ages being sold. With limited land availability, homes here are always in high demand.

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